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Scully's Attitude
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Scully's Attitude

This is a page dedicated to giving you a little piece of her attitude- it means don't mess with her, because she means business! Scully's kick-butt attitude is one of the reasons we love her so- she is an incredibly strong female figure.

Wavs of Attitude:

These are all wav files demonstrating Scully's attitude. Click on one to play it- it will download for a few seconds first.

Scully giving Morris Fletcher some well-deserved attitude

Scully doesn't want to calm down

Scully wants a favor- and she won't take NO for an answer

Scully doesn't care about anything else- she just needs some info

Scully tells Skinner where to locate his head

Scully yelling at Spender yet AGAIN

Scully complaining to Mulder about driving

Pics of Attitude:

Below are some images where Scully appears cranky and is ready to let everyone know!






These sounds and pictures are not mine- they belong to Chris Carter, Fox network, and 1013 productions. No infringement intended.