What's New with Gillian?
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What's New with Gillian?


This page contains the latest of NEWS, IN STORES, and GILLY ON THE TELLY. It is updated very frequently.


~8/14/00- For any fans planning to go to the NY Film Festival to see House of Mirth (like me!), you should check out Tamara's page, which I found at GAWS. She lives in NY, and her page has lots of information on the Film Festival, as well as other activities in NY for out-of-towners.

Tamara's Page

~8/13/00- In an article from The San Diego Union-Tribune, found at Haven, here are two sentences about our fav. actress:
"Gillian Anderson, who plays Dana Scully, has been in town all week. On Wednesday, she celebrated a birthday with a vanilla and chocolate marble cake made by King's bakery." The article also contains some info about the 8th season of The X-Files.

~8/10/00- The sound you hear now is millions of Gillian fans rejoicing! Gillian's movie, House of Mirth, HAS been chosen for the NY Film Festival. Tickets for this will be available in Sept. House of Mirth will be there on Sunday, September 24. For more info, check out GAWS and ticket info @ the NY Film Festival site:

~8/09/00- HAPPY BIRTHDAY GILLIAN!!! Gillian Anderson turns 32 today:)

~8/06/00- The previous release date of Princess Mononoke in the US has been changed, from Aug.8 to Aug. 29...sorry guys...21 extra days.



~8/17/00- From GADD Archives- Gillian, David & The X-Files can be found in the August 2000 issue of Xpose. You'll find a small color photo of Gillian from the 22 March 2000 Publisher's Guild of America Luncheon on in the inside cover (page 2). A larger color photo of Gillian from the 1998 SAG Awards accompanies a page 4 article about Robert Patrick joining the cast. Page 9 reports on the 31 July accident on The X-Files set & mentions Gillian signing on for season 9. Page 40-43 is 20 questions about season 8 of The X-Files. Page 40 is an almost full-page color photo of Gillian at the 9 May 2000 Blockbuster Entertainment Awards. Page 41 features a quarter-page color photo of David & T?at the 16 October 1997 Los Angeles Playing God Premiere. Page 55 contains reviews for Je Souhaite (4 stars) & Requiem (2 stars). The reviews are accompanied by a photo of Mulder in Requiem.

~From Gilly.Net: In BRAVO magazine (Polish edition, issue 16 - August 3-16), there's a small picture of Gillian on page 55. It appears in a column called "Kartka z kalendarza." The caption by her picture reads, "The most famous FBI agent (Gillian Anderson) is going to have her 31st birthday in a few days!"

~From Gilly.Net: Gillian is in the fall 2000 issue of "Celebrity Style Shortcuts" (Jenna Elfman cover). There's a photo of her on page 17, with the following caption:

X-File Style

"If you're looking for foxy Scully's style, instruct your stylist to give you a funky, younger version of the classic bob. In other words, you'll need long bangs swept off to one side, and be sure to get a few layers to lighten things up a bit. For the everyday look that Gillian Anderson wears on the X-Files, start with a smoothing product to fight frizz and fly-away hairs like Laurent's Detaileur*. Then, layer mousse on your roots for lift. And, if your tresses share Gillian's tendency to curl around the hairline, blow them straight, and turn them under. But, Laurent prefers the more mischievous mane that Gillian wears here. So, flip up your ends, and have some fun!"

~From Gilly.Net:
On page 65 of the Special Issue #14 of Cult Times is a full-page picture of Gillian at the Blockbuster Entertainment Awards (to the right). It appears in the middle of an X-Files article called "No Smoke Without Fire," which you can read at the Haven


~8/10/00- LENO UPDATE: It seems to be that Gillian will be on Leno during the first week of November- more info will come later.

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