Scully Sightings
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Scully Sightings


This is a page dedicated to all those stores, restaurants and products coincidentally named "Scully." They have nothing to do with The X-Files' Dana Scully. Below is a list of all the items that I keep track and, called Scully.

~Scully's Restaurant- in Sparrowbush, NY- "The Number 1 Steakhouse in the Tri-State Area!"

~Scully- Since 1906- "Refined calfskin accessories with a totally modern twist"

~Scully Auto Body-Hawthorne, NJ

~Scully Signal Company- "Environmental Systems for Controlling Fills, and Eliminating Spills"


If you have any Scully Sightings that you want me to put up on my site, E-Mail me!

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