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Case#1: Where's Mulder? | Leave and find him yourself | Ask Skinner for help | Call the Police | Look around some more | Stay and wait | Call Frohike and the gang | Visit the convention | Stay and wait | Go back to Mulder's
Choose your own X-File
Leave and find him yourself

You decide to look for Mulder by yourself. You get in your car and drive straight to his apartment. You use your key he gave you to access his place. When you enter the room, the lights are off. You flick them on. You walk in and take a look around the room. It appears as though he left in a hurry. His computer is on and there is a bowl of soggy cereal on his table next to his couch. You begin to get even more concerned. What do you do next?

Call the Police

Call Frohike and the gang