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Case#1: Where's Mulder? | Leave and find him yourself | Ask Skinner for help | Call the Police | Look around some more | Stay and wait | Call Frohike and the gang | Visit the convention | Stay and wait | Go back to Mulder's
Choose your own X-File

Are you a devoted X-Phile who wishes that he or she could take part in a real X-File? Or do you wish that you had some say into what happens in each episode? Do you sometimes wish that you could change the endings in some episodes? If you are an X-Phile who wants to choose his or her OWN adventure, this site is for you! Finally, you, the FAN can choose the path of Agent Scully as she goes about her cases. Remember: HAVE FUN! And be careful- Scully's life is in your hands!!!


Disclaimer: I do not own Scully, Mulder, or any part of The X-Files. They belong to Chris Carter, Fox network, and 1013. No infringement intended.