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Case#1: Where's Mulder? | Leave and find him yourself | Ask Skinner for help | Call the Police | Look around some more | Stay and wait | Call Frohike and the gang | Visit the convention | Stay and wait | Go back to Mulder's
Choose your own X-File
Call Frohike and the gang

You decide to call Frohike and the rest of the Lone Gunmen. You flip through Mulder's emergency phone list- a very short one- and dial up the boys. When they answer, you ask them if they spoke to Mulder recently. Frohike says that he talked to him this morning, but then all of a sudden, Mulder had groaned and quickly ended the conversation. You also ask them is they would know where else to look. They tell you that he sounded like he needed to get somewhere in a rush. Bewildered, you hang up the phone. That's when you remember- there was a UFO convention in town today! That must be where Mulder is! But wait...why didn't he tell you?

Visit the convention

Stay and wait