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Case#1: Where's Mulder? | Leave and find him yourself | Ask Skinner for help | Call the Police | Look around some more | Stay and wait | Call Frohike and the gang | Visit the convention | Stay and wait | Go back to Mulder's
Choose your own X-File
Stay and wait

You are clueless about what to do, but you decide that Mulder must be at the UFO convention, and, not wanting to step foot in that place, figure that you will wait for him to return. You turn on the TV and flip through the channels...but pretty soon, you fall asleep. You wake to some noises outside the door. It sounds like someone is trying to break in! You pull out your gun, just as the door opens.
"Scully?!" your partner gasps.
"Mulder?!" you yell.
You put down your gun and tell him how worried you were and ask where he was.
"Buying you a birthday present!" he defends. You are shocked! Birthday?'s your birthday today! You completely fogot!
"I fogot to get you a present until this morning so I tolds Skinner I'd be in late because I had a fever. I just went out to the mall to get you this. I guess I forgot to tell you I'd be late. Sorry." He hands over a box. You open it up, and it reveals a large black t-shirt with two cartoon aliens on it which says in large green print, "I've been abducted"
You sigh, and hug Mulder and thank him for the thoughtful gift. It's the thought that counts, right?